This is the ’80s and Loc’s down with the ladies

Tallulah’s former babysitter was on “Wheel of Fortune” tonight. She did awesome. (Awesomely?) Ok, she did awesomely. $50k before taxes. That’s probably like $30k after, but that’s all right. I could deal with $30k. Probably get a new stereo for the bucket, something like that.

It reminded me of the time that David Sandborn, Lee Greenwood, and Tone-Loc were contestants on a celebrity edition of Wheel. It’s true! I think Lee Greenwood may have actually been wearing a shirt made from an American Flag. That footage is not available on YouTube, but I will pay you $30k, tax free, if you post it. Or Tallulah’s babysitter will. Maybe.

In the meantime, enjoy some Tone-Loc:

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