You sure had a good time last night!

Ok, church nerds, I know it’s not ACTUALLY Christmas yet. It’s actually Advent yet. “Coming to” might be an accurate description of what the Latin word “advent” means. Maybe it’s not. I did take three years of Latin in High School, but I did not study very hard. So, I’m going with “coming to.” Like after a long night of drinking Strawberry Boone’s Farm to find your dorm room is a total wreck. Or is that not something we share?

We are drunk though, as a culture. Right? I’m sure that if I wanted to, I could find some videos of people being ridiculous in big box stores to replace the video up there. And as easy as it might be to ridicule the individuals in those videos, I’m trying to put myself in the place of a guy who works way too much for way too little money and got off for Thanksgiving for the first time in three years. Because the X-Box is so ridiculously cheap at Best Buy at 3am, he stays up and goes down there so that his kids will finally have something as good as all their friends claim to get for Christmas. When he sees this one shot at being a good dad falling into the hands of some creep who was talking about selling it on Ebay 20 minutes ago, maybe he goes a little crazy. Maybe he starts throwing a punch or two.

Definitely a bad choice, but what are we doing that makes him think that he has to get that X-Box to be a good dad? Because we do. We totally do. Time Magazine called this year’s Black Friday “calm” because there was only one death. And I had to Google “Black Friday Deaths” to find out about that one. THAT’S CRAZY! That’s being drunk. All of us. Let’s all take a cold shower and have a cup of black coffee, what’dya say? It is not as if deaths on Black Friday are inevitable. Unless, of course, your stock price depends on it.

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